Flight Job

The Flight User Suite comes with a utility to jumpstart running jobs on the research environment. This tool provides preconfigured script templates.

Showing Available Job Scripts

To show the available guides, list them with:

[flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ flight job list
│ Index │ Name            │
│ 1     │ mpi-nodes.sh    │
│ 2     │ mpi-slots.sh    │
│ 3     │ simple.sh       │
│ 4     │ simple-array.sh │
│ 5     │ smp.sh          │

Viewing Script Information

The various job scripts have descriptions that explain the purpose of the template.

To view the description of a job script:

[flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ flight job info 1
mpi-nodes.sh - MPI multiple node (Slurm)


  Submit a single job that spans multiple nodes where you want exclusive use of each node allocated.


  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  Copyright (C) 2020 Alces Flight Ltd.


The script can be referred to by its name or index

Copying Job Script

The job utility provides helpers to create copies of the various scripts. To copy a script to the current directory:

[flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ flight job cp 2
Successfully copied the template to: /home/flight/mpi-slots.sh


The script can be referred to by its name or index

Further control over the copying & naming of the file, following the cp command with a path/name will copy the script as such:

[flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ flight job cp 4 myjob/run.sh
Successfully copied the template to: /home/flight/myjob/run.sh


If the output directory doesn’t exist then flight job will attempt to create it